Being Good News

Welcome to day 21 of the Living Advent Calendar. Every day we open a door to an inspirational life. Today I’d love you to meet my friend Graham Gordon, UK Director of Paz y Esperanza UK, (a Christian charity raising awareness and support for the inspiring work of human rights organisation Paz y Esperanza in Latin America). Graham shares about an incredible team opening doors of hope for deaf children and their families in Moyobamba, Peru. As a former trustee of this fantastic charity and having met some of the amazing team working in Moyobamba over ten years ago, I never cease to be inspired by their work. Over to Graham to share the story.

“Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of all the Earth. He never grows weak or weary.” (Isaiah 40 v28)

Can you remember the time when you first heard about Christmas? Possibly not, as you will have been very young, but no doubt it was one of your parents, friends or relatives who told you the story of the Christ child who came to earth to bring peace and new life for all.

So, think for a moment what life would be like if you had never heard the Good News. Or, in fact, if you couldn’t hear at all or communicate with others around you. Or if there was no way of being told by others that you are loved by God and that he sent his Son to earth to bring new life.

This is the situation of many deaf children in Peru. Children like, Talita, a young girl who has been deaf from birth and whose family could not afford a cochlear implant that would enable her to hear. This operation is only available through private healthcare that is too expensive for most Peruvian families. With no-one to teach her sign language she was isolated and had limited ways of interacting with those around her, until Paz y Esperanza started teaching her when she was five.

Orgullosos de ser Sordos

I heard about Talita just a few weeks after our elder daughter started at a school that specialises in teaching children who are deaf, and was struck by the contrast. The school has two children with hearing problems in each class, with specialised teaching support.

One of my daughter’s new friends lost her hearing when she was two years old due to an ear infection. Unlike Talita, she was able to have a cochlear implant (on the NHS) and can now hear almost as well as the other children and can interact fully with them – running, shouting, learning, singing, pushing the boundaries as you would want all children to do! The school also teaches the children that they are made in God’s image and that He loves each one of them.

“How beautiful on the mountain are the feet of those who bring Good News.” (Isaiah 52 v7)

In a concrete way Paz y Esperanza is bringing the Good News of Jesus this Christmas to the deaf children they are working with. With no other attention from the local governments, their very presence shows that these children are not forgotten but are loved like the other children.

Teaching sign language to them and their families means that they can interact with others and start to lead more normal lives. Lobbying the local authorities to provide better educational support and health services also means that more children can benefit and that together society can tackle stigma and isolation.

peru signing

It also means that teachers and family members can help these children to understand the true meaning of Christmas, maybe for the first time.

This is life-changing work and Paz y Esperanza wants to extend it to more children. Will you join with us? Our Christmas appeal this year is raising money for this work.

Please visit

To find out more about the impact of this amazing project, please watch these three videos:

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